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About IW

Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co.,Ltd.(IW for short) is a High-New Technology joint enterprise and Global company,specializing in the manufacture, supply and service of wire drawing dies and related tools & equipment.wire drawing dies including single crystal diamond dies and polycrystalline diamond dies.

IW's adhering to the concept:The Profile and the Surface make all the difference.To ensure the proper shape of diamonds and maximize the durability of our drawing dies,all diamonds are strictly selected,grinded and polished by ourselves.Due to our rigorous processing and quality system,IW offers our customers the efficient solutions for wire production,meeting the increasing demand for wire-drawing dies from different industries worldwide.

-Produce the above with your profile specifications or our own recommendations for your specific product.
-Maintain your inventory by re-cutting and polishing your dies to a mirror surface profile finish.
-Offer a Conoptica report on any product you have.
-Will provide high quality ultrasonic polishing and wire re-cutting machines at very competitive prices.

Compare with others:
* Price – We will provide you the best price in the market for the same product or greater quality alternative.
* Quality – You can try us for free with few dies,Small sizes (0.002- 0.017) up to 10 or PCD’s D6,D12,D15,up to 3 dies.Take advantage of our Trial Program.
* Delivery – Fast. Fast. Fast. 3 weeks maximum – depending on the quantity.

We have all the products needed to maintain a die shop from ultrasonic cleaner,diamond powder,needles,etc.We sell all the equipment a die room needs.

IW can provide on-site training for clients’ personnel and 24 hour service support for all machines.
We can help you in the following ways:
1. Trouble shoot breaks in your wire drawing machines
2. Over annealing issue / Oxidation
3. Air-Wipe (Steam or Nitrogen)
4. Draft issues or recommendations
5. Use of the same line for more then 1 finish product
6. Raw Material concerns or issues
7. Filtration systems
8. Pay-0ff and Take-off
9. Lubrication using Synthetic and Organic products
10. Specifications with Elongation/ W/1000/ DCR / or any properties that you need to meet
11. Bunching process

We believe IW could be one of your reliable and effective business partners in the globe.Contact us at sales@iwdiamond.com