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CVD Wire Drawing Dies
diamond wire drawing dies

CVD Wire Drawing Dies

CVD Diamond wire drawing dies blanks are made by 100% diamond materials,without any bonding and additional adhesives.It is better abrasion performance than PCD die blanks’.And more for the thermally stable processing.
IW CVD Diamond drawing dies can be processed in a very high temperature up to 1000 degree centigrade,even more than that.
IW has introduced CVD Diamond coated stranding,bunching & compacting dies which makes it outstanding in performance & price on Bunching,Stranding and Compacting application.
CVD diamond coated die is the ideal combination of large-size availability of tungsten carbide and the ideal surface properties of synthetic diamond.

Products Features:
High machine uptime
Reduced power usage
Long diameter stability
Product Range: 2.000mm-70mm
Excellent wire and cable surface
Conductor wire or cable material savings
2-10 times lower price than ordinary PCD dies
Trouble-free on recut & repolish serice,given low cost of new replacement

Tungsten wire,Molybdenum wire and other hard materials which need high abrasive wire drawing.
Products Range:0.100mm-5.000mm
If you have any questions about CVD diamond wire dies,please feel free to contact us.

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