Shaped Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

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Shaped Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

The polycrystalline profiled wire drawing die is made of high quality die core,which has the advantages of uniform texture, strong wear resistance,high finish,high precision and long service life.

The surface finish and accuracy of wire rod can be ensured in the long-time drawing process.It can produce square,flat square, triangle,hexagon,octagonal,
semicircle,ellipse,fan,Z-shaped,tile shaped and other special-shaped drawing dies.

The minimum square hole is 0.18x0.18mm,the flat square hole is 0.08 × 0.20 mm,the semicircular line eye is 0.20 × 0.40mm,the triangle line eye is 0.25x0.25mm,the sharp angle can reach 0.01mm,the tolerance is about ± 0.001mm,and other specifications and shapes can be customized according to customer requirements.

PCD Shaped Wire Drawing Dies

The profiled die is used by drawing and extruding the material under pressure through the die head.

They accurately produce products of various shapes,such as connecting flat cables,to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Application:copper wire such as flat wire,decorative products,such as copper wire used in automobile alternator.

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