Wire Enamelling Dies

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Wire Enamelling Dies

Cemented carbide painting mold:for copper wire and aluminum wire painting processing,precision quality control,optional jacket materials are stainless steel,copper, aluminum, etc.
Tungsten steel dies are widely used in applications requiring high temperature resistance,impact resistance and short-term use.The low price of tungsten carbide mold makes this possible.
The wire surface paint layer is uniform and the tolerance is precise.It can be widely used in various domestic or imported enameling machines.
Because of its easy processing and low cost,tungsten carbide is also selected as the core material of most special-shaped dies and strand dies.
Tungsten carbide dies are the choice for manufacturing ferrous metals,and they are also the ideal choice for short-term trial operation.

Diamond Enamel Dies

Enamel Dies Range
blank Range(mm)
PCD 0.060-0.600
ND 0.120-0.300
TC 0.160-5.200

Enamel Dies
Range(mm) Tolerance Ellipticity
0.060-0.200 0.002 0.001
0.201-2.000 0.004 0.002
2.001-5.200 0.008 0.004

Application:precision insulated wire,telecommunication and electronic cable.

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