Polycrystalline Diamond Shaving Dies

PCD Shaving Dies
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Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Shaving Dies

Blank Type: Polycrystalline Diamond,Tungsten steel
Tungsten carbide (TC) insertion mold is widely used in peeling applications,but TC peeling mold is not relatively life-long,and the smooth surface and high-precision control performance are good.
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a better choice,which has been proven to provide excellent surface finish and improved consistency for different wire materials.

PCD Shaving Dies

The load-bearing area of polycrystalline diamond peeling die supports the vibration of wire material.It is much better to peel the wire surface through PCD mold than by a TC peeling mold.
The bearing area of PCD shaving dies support shaved wire materials against the vibration,the wire surface shaved by a PCD die is much better than that shaved by a TC die.
The lifetime of PCD shaving dies provide 20 to 80 times (depending on materials) longer tool life than TC shaving dies.The long life reduces the setup time of exchange dies.

Application:Copper wire,aluminum wire,gold wire,titanium alloy wire,etc.that require wire surface shaved.

TC Shaving Die
Advantages:dies cost cheap.
Disadvantages:short lifetime,poor consistency of wire,surface defects,high temperature.
PCD Shaving Die
Advantages:long lifetime,good consistency,high wear resistance and impact resistance.
Disadvantages:Higher unit prices,longer lead time.


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