Water Jet Nozzles

Water Jet Nozzles
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Water Jet Nozzles

Blank Type:Polycrystalline Diamond,Natural Diamond,Tungsten steel
Inserting natural diamond or polycrystalline diamond can make the fine water tube bundle cut accurately and prolong the life of props.
The nozzle is made of imported diamond,which has the advantages of high hardness,strong wear resistance,high finish and long service life.
It is suitable for spraying water to remove overflow material and high pressure water cleaning equipment.

The nozzles are designed according to their working conditions under various spray conditions,so the suitable nozzle is selected so as to achieve the best spray performance in use.
The characteristics of the nozzle are mainly reflected in the spray type of the nozzle,that is,the shape formed by the liquid leaving the nozzle mouth and its operational performance.
Common inner diameter specification of diamond nozzle:0.10、0.12、0.15、0.17、0.20、0.25、0.28、0.30 etc.

The naming of spray nozzles is divided into fan shape,cone,liquid column flow (air jet),air atomization and flat nozzle according to spray shape.Cone nozzle is divided into two categories:hollow cone and solid cone;and Venturi nozzle (mixing mixing nozzle),strong cold (hot) air outlet blower nozzle and special nozzle (such as garden nozzle,cylinder washing nozzle,pipe cleaning nozzle,etc.)The nomenclature of "series" reflects the operating performance of the nozzle.

Application:cemented carbide nozzle has the advantages of high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,wear resistance,strong stability,high finish and long service life.
It can be widely used in high and low pressure cleaning,high pressure spraying,high pressure spray drying and other fields.Used for cleaning electronic components or circuit boards.

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